Hardened Ground

by Nancy Sferra

Released 2016
Released 2016
These thirteen songs distill the small moments, the hardships and successes, that shape our lives.
Nancy Sferra is a multi-instrumentalist living in midcoast Maine. Nancy performs her folk-blues compositions on guitar, lap steel, banjo, ukulele, banjo-ukulele, and washboard. Her inspiration comes from found poems – snatches of overheard conversation, notes from a discarded journal, objects, lines from books or other texts, and photographs. Around these images and ideas, she builds stories into her lyrics. Her songs often focus on the working class, day to day struggles, and the simple life inspired by the rural Maine culture. While she deals with serious subject matter, many of her songs are whimsical or have a comedic element. She has recorded and produced two CDs of original songs, "Smoke and Bone" and "Hardened Ground."