They’re Gonna Find Out                          ©2007 Nancy Sferra 

Just an occasional nickel and a dime

To put in the change jar at home 

Tell yourself it’s to make ends meet

The difference between a bed and the street 

Make a promise it’s the final time

You better be discreet 

Or they’re gonna find out 

The money in your pocket doesn’t make a dent in the bottom line 

All it takes is creative math to throw the scent off your path 

When you live above your means it’s hard to hide that flash 

They’re gonna find out 

Chorus:            Jesus walked on water but you’re just on thin ice 

                      You’ve lined up your reasons, you’re justified 

                      But they’ll tighten up the vise, they’re gonna find out 

New suede shoes, a diamond ring to lighten up your mood 

Help yourself to whatever you need, don’t confuse what you’ve done with greed 

Better enjoy the fruits of your labor, they’ll be bittersweet 

They’re gonna find out

The Line                                                                            ©2011 Nancy Sferra 

The ticking of the clock and the humming of lights, In the kitchen in the middle of the night 

Coffee’s cold and my brother can’t stay still, Sitting in that chair takes all his might 

Chorus:            You’re welcome to stay here if you stay clean 

                        I’ve been hearing your excuses since you were eighteen 

                        You’ve said them all at least a million times 

                        You better not be giving me a line 

He helps around the house and chops some wood, he honors his promise to be good 

I watch him as he works and I wish for all those years, He stands just like our father stood 

Chorus:            He’s been through every treatment they’ve thrown his way 

                        He hangs on for a couple years but he always strays 

                        He’s expert at pretending that all is fine 

                        But he’s always craving one more line 

It’s nice to see him smile, he has our mother’s eyes, That’s why I could see through his lies 

Winter melts to spring and before we even notice, crickets call in the heat of July 

Chorus:            He wiped a speck from his glasses with the tail of his shirt 

                        Slid them back on, cleared his throat and said this might hurt 

                        I appreciate what you’ve done for me but I think it’s time 

                        For me to be heading down the line 

Bridge:              He’s my family, I hate to see him go 

                        But deep down in my heart I think I know 

                        It seems a little different from all the other times 

                        When he failed to walk the line 

Chorus:            Standing at the station, the gray in his hair 

                        I gave him a kiss after I paid his fare 

                        Don’t be a stranger, call me anytime 

                        I’ll be waiting for your voice on the line

Your Cat Is A Haunt In My Lap                                © 2006 Nancy Sferra 

Harsh, harsh echoes in your empty room 

Boxes of memories waiting to be exhumed 

Your brilliant writing in tortured words 

Left behind, for another time, their meaning deferred 

Your voice is silenced but your message is heard 

Chorus:            Your cat is a haunt in my lap 

                        I’d trade one of hers to get your life back 

                        Your cat is a haunt in my lap 

                        Turn around, settle down, enjoy your sweet dreams 

Cold, cold hard ground, your eyes reflect the midnight sky 

You finally found peace, a solitary goodbye 

You were so hopeful when you tried to start clean 

You moved in, caught your breath, had a routine 

‘Til you freed your soul in this cold, dark ravine 

Chorus:             Your cat is a haunt in my lap 

                        Reminds me of times that I’ll never get back 

                        Your cat is a haunt in my lap 

                        Turn around, settle down, enjoy your sweet dreams 

Hushed, hushed whispers, friends search for something to say 

We all have problems keeping our demons at bay 

He seemed quite happy, we thought he could cope 

But he lost his balance on the thin tight rope 

One last grasp for that ring of hope

Smoke and Bone 

© 2011 Nancy Sferra 

Smokey eyes and voice to match, legs a mile long 

He’s what we call a catch, his back is straight and strong 

He has that carefree, laid-back stance, wears boots with pointy toes 

He’ll put you in a trance, and  never let you go 

Chorus:            That man can smell a fool from miles away 

                       He’ll chew you up and spit you out, he’ll leave you in a daze 

                       And when you come around, you’ll find you’re all alone 

                       And all that will be left is smoke and bone 

He takes you to the trendy places, knows the maitre d 

I’ll take you to your table sir, bring your bottle of chablis 

You see the other diners watch as the two of you go past 

With the gorgeous man upon your arm, you feel like upper class 


Bridge:                Part way through the conversation, you go absentee 

                          The wine does better talking than present company 

                          Gazing through the candle light, smoke gets in your eyes 

                          Your blood is pounding in your ears, he’s got you hypnotized

Quiche Lorraine                           ©2012 Nancy Sferra 

Candles in the kitchen, ain't got no flame 

My old man, he ain't got no game 

Standing by the stove with his apron on 

What he said next set off my smoke alarm 

He said wait til you try my quiche lorraine 

I thought he was talking about a woman by that name 

I got the chicken cordon blues 

Cause I found out I was being used 

He had me try out dishes with fancy names 

That I bet he was serving to that Quiche Lorraine 

Kidney bordelaise and cheese fondue 

I believe I've already paid my dues 

No matter how fine he might look 

Mama said never trust a skinny cook 

I couldn't put his Lorraine out of my mind 

And I must admit my thoughts weren't very kind 

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a book 

About mushrooms that we kept in our breakfast nook 

A mushroom book we kept in our breakfast nook 

Ain't no sizzle in the pan 

I miss the cooking of my dead old man 

Cream corn and potatoes, plain white bread 

Some unidentifiable yellow spread 

This jailhouse food is kinda plain 

But once a month they serve us quiche Lorraine

Long, Long Legs                                  © 2008 Nancy Sferra 

She’s got long, long legs and high cheekbones 

Got a rich, rich daddy, showers her with ice white stones 

She turns every head when she walks in a room 

Leaves me in the wake of expensive perfume 

Well, how can I compete with that 

Drives a Mercedes Benz, wears a white fur coat 

Serves fine champagne on her long, long boat 

She lures all the men with a crook of her finger 

Has her way with the young gunslingers 

Well, how can I compete with that 

Bridge:              Well, I’m five foot four and drive an old Tercel 

                        And my poor, poor daddy’s in the county jail 

Has a house in the summer, has a house in the winter 

Has a question bout wine, has a personal vintner 

She puts out word bout her party by the bay 

She’ll get every man from fifty miles away 

Well, how can I compete with that

Life’s Okay                              ©2008 Nancy Sferra 

I’m working like a dog, can’t see another sunrise 

I’m staying one step ahead of the next surprise 

My car runs just fine when it’s going downhill 

Collecting flies and mud in the dented front grill 

But life’s okay cause I’ve got you by my side 

We work real hard to keep each other sane 

And you help me push my car into the breakdown lane 

I’m working like a dog to make ends meet 

Praying some machine won’t make me obsolete 

The past due notices arrive in the mail 

We move once again to get them off of our trail 

But life’s okay cause I’ve got you by my side 

You pull the car into the tow-away zone 

And you help me load her up with everything I own 

I’m working like a dog, can’t get enough sleep 

The back seat is pretty small in my rusty old heap 

I’m still wide awake a quarter til ten 

Let’s just fill her up and hit the road again 

Yes, life’s okay cause I’ve got you by my side 

We’re just flying by the seat of our pants 

Let’s hit another town and take one more chance

Circles Round My Head                      © 2005 Nancy Sferra 

Am I crazy or just confused 

Not sure how I left your ego bruised 

Silent treatment is driving me out of my mind 

Like talking to the dead, running circles round my head 

If it’s not one thing, it’s another 

Last week you said you hate my mother 

Wonder what you think of the poor old dog 

Make my body feel like lead, running circles round my head 

Chorus:            When we first met you knocked me out 

                       You were the one, there was no doubt 

                       But there were signs I should have read 

                       If I were smart I should have fled 

Just a night out with the guys 

Never figured I’d get wise 

Forgot to hide all the evidence 

Can’t believe a word you said, running circles round my head 

Repeat Chorus 

We best talk and figure this out 

Don’t you give me that look of doubt 

I don’t think there’s much that’s best left unsaid 

Time to lie in your made bed, running circles round my head 

Time to lie in your made bed, running circles round my head 

Time to lie in your made bed, running circles round my head

Cheap Champagne                                                              © 2005 Nancy Sferra 

I love your rusty Ford, zero to thirty with the pedal floored, won’t you take me out driving 

Vinyl seats and three on the tree, worn floor mats and an old CB, I feel our love is thriving 

Bridge:            I love you the way you are, I wouldn’t change a thing 

Chorus:            I don’t need a brand new car, fine wine or caviar 

                      I love you the way you are, so open up some cheap champagne 

I love your flannel shirts, faded jeans stained with dirt, baby, let’s go out dancing 

Steel-toed boots and woolen cap, nappy plaid with fur lined flaps, let’s just keep on romancing 

Bridge:             I love you the way you are, I wouldn’t change a thing 

Chorus 2:          I don’t need a diamond ring, don’t buy me anything 

                       I love you the way you are, so open up some cheap champagne 

I love your milk crate shelves, posters you’ve had since you were twelve, 

Why don’t we stay in tonight 

I love your paper plates and fine Chinette in your estate, and fast food dinners by candlelight 

Bridge:            I love you the way you are, I wouldn’t change a thing 

Chorus 3:         I don’t need haute cuisine, or a chauffer and limousine 

                      I love you the way you are, so open up some cheap champagne

Brash                                                © 2011 Nancy Sferra 

Loves his wine and fancy cars, impress the girls in backlit bars 

Flashes his false pedigree 

Likes money more than common sense, he’d rob his mom for stuff to fence 

Then flash his cash for everyone to see 

When he hits the light of day, his schemes seem over exposed 

He says you need to pay to play and when he just melts away 

You know that you’ve just been hosed 

Night time comes, shadows fall, he slinks along the darkened walls 

Looking for someone new to roll 

As he steps out from the black, one eye in front and one in back 

Just in case he’s followed by a mole 

With pockets weighted down full of cash, it’s hard to run from enemies he knows 

He’s known for being brash, he likes to do the dine and dash 

After getting the waitress totally snowed 

He’s out there looking for a pawn, someone new that he can con 

Lays it on until they drop their guard 

He gets them all to play his game, until it all goes up in flames 

It all collapses like a house of cards 

He picks himself up and reshuffles the deck 

And heads back out on the street 

He passes off a few bad checks, shrugs it off, what the heck 

He has something new up his sleeve